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“If he couldn’t keep his head above water, he’d have to bring the oxygen to him.”

Quick fill for Neme who wanted this prompt. 

I took the literal path.  


Jason saw it happen.

Saw the car racing along the docks on Batman’s command. Saw it get t-boned by some half whit runaway drug dealers. Saw it forced off the wood and into the river below. 

He didn’t think, just reacted. 

He ran, the hood coming off, the jacket being flung to the ground, springing over the the edge and diving neatly into the black water.

It wasn’t particularly deep, just about two, maybe three metres. He made it easily. 

He could see behind the glass, water rushing through holes and cracks to fill the car which was tipped on its side. Tim was yanking at his seatbelt. 


He was trapped. 

Never mind getting out of the car. He was trapped in a slowly filling death tank

Jason banged on the glass and Tim jumped, looking around with wide eyes, mask abandoned on the seat beside him. Jason could see blood on the side of his head, tricking over his cheek — his eyes were fearful but unfocused. 

He was injured, disorientated. He wouldn’t survive long if water got in. 


Jason couldn’t hear the cry but he heard the fear. Jason nodded rapidly — but he was running out of air. He tried to indicate to Tim that he’d be right back, shooting to the surface. He swallowed several mouthfuls of sullied air before diving back under. 

When he reached the car again it was filled with the same dark water — the window pressed into the dirt of the river had cracked through and the car must have filled in seconds. 

Tim was still trapped by the belt, yanking harder. Jason pounded against the glass.

Tim was shaking his head at Jason, slow. He waved a hand.

"Get out," the movement said, "I’m already dead." 

Jason shook his head fiercely in return, turning in the water to kick against the window. He could see Tim’s head starting to lull, lack of oxygen combining with his injury. The window cracked under his foot, his kicks forcing it to cave. 

He pushed himself inside, felt the glass cut at his exposed arms. He slipped a switch blade from his pocket and sliced through the seatbelt tying Tim down and grabbed him roughly, forcing him out of the car window and following him quickly, grabbing at the back of his costume to drag him to the surface. 

Jason’s head broke the surface and he gasped at the air, struggling to pull Tim up — the costume was so heavy when soaked through like this. He couldn’t get Tim’s head above the water until he’d removed the cape, but he wouldn’t have TIME to remove it if Tim didn’t breathe. 

If Tim couldn’t keep his head above water, he’d have to bring the oxygen to him.

Jason filled his lungs with air and pushed his head back under the surface. He pinched Tim’s nose and closed his lips over the younger boys, forcing them open with his tongue and pushing the air inside. His other hand fumbled with the cape, trying to undo the clips holding it to Tim’s body. It came undone easily.

Tim jerked as air was pushed into his lungs, then struggled in the water. Jason yanked Tim upward, bringing them both into the open air. Tim swallowed desperately at the air, coughing and spluttering water that may have forced it’s way into his stomach. 

They both tread water for a moment, struggling to breathe, until Jason started swimming forward, pulling Tim along with him. Neither of them said anything until they struggled their way up onto the docks. 

"You… saved… me…" 

"Call it the kiss of life babybird." 

Tim just grinned and fell against him heavily. 

"Thank you…" 

Jason wrapped an arm around the younger boy. 

"You’re more than welcome."

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